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About Us

Our family moved from southern Germany to the Volga River, Russia on the invitation of Catherine the Great to bring advanced farming techniques to this rural region of Russia.

With broken promises of freedom of religion, culture and language, our family migrated to the United States in the 1890s. Eventually, we made our way to Eastern Washington where my great, great grandfather homesteaded, growing primarily wheat.

One hundred and fifteen years and 5 generations later, we call this land “Camelina’s Home’.

My oldest son, Travis, was researching camelina for potential biofuel development and suggested growing it on our land. I couldn’t see the vision until I began researching its historical significance and its powerful nutrition. We located the best camelina seed and found that our dry, arid area was perfect for growing it sustainably. We built our own ultra clean, CGMP food facility processing plant where we process all our oil ourselves, to order.

Today, my wife Lynn (Mom), my sons and their wives are each an integral part of the business. Our mission is to bring Camelina forward from its historical past and re-launch as one of today’s most incredible, versatile superfoods. Our goal is to tell the world how Camelina seed and oil can change the health and wellness of humans, equine and…. even beloved pets!